The obligations established within the regulatory framework regarding the prevention of money laundering and the financing of terrorism require that the entity has defined and implemented specific procedures in the prevention of money laundering, as well as approved an adequate internal structure.

In this sense, the consultancy work we offer from PBK Asesores includes both the initial adaptation to current legislation and the control of daily compliance.



The entities that engage in the activities listed in article 2.1 of Law 10/2010, of April 28, must undergo an annual examination by an external expert of the organs and procedures related to the prevention of money laundering and financing of terrorism that they have established.

In PBK Asesores we have designed procedures that allow an analysis of the systems, which comply with the requirements established



The current legislation obliges entities subject to the rules on the prevention of money laundering, to keep updated of the legislative changes that affect them. For this reason, it is established the need to prove that they have trained their employees, being recommended the collaboration of a third expert in the field.

At PBK Asesores we can advise you on the preparation of the annual training plan for your organization so that it can be approved by the Internal Control Body.


Technical Unit

Those subjects whose annual turnover exceeds 50 million euros or whose annual balance sheet exceeds 43 million euros, have the obligation to create a Technical Unit support. These technical prevention units are the main organs with regard to the company's prevention plan, allowing greater efficiency in the application of the established internal control measures.

PBK Asesores offers you the possibility of outsourcing these functions with us, with the degree of specialization you need.